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Our aim at The Ireland Buying Guide is to provide anyone planning a property purchase or new life in Ireland with reliable, practical information, and to put them in touch with affiliated companies that will help them purchase a new home there successfully and safely.

Buying property in Ireland, or anywhere in the world, is a major consideration, and one that demands careful planning and a certain amount of caution. Whether you’re looking for a second home in Ireland or intend to move there permanently, our resources and free information should help you to the right decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

It might be an island three quarters the size of England with a total population of less than Greater London, but Ireland still has distinct regions, each with its own character and highlights.

Ready to be inspired by people who have recently bought property in Ireland?

We meet homeowners there who have experienced first-hand just how far your money goes in the Emerald Isle today.

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To catchup on news about Irish property and lifestyle, read our regular blog posts and articles.

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