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"I paid €69K for a brand new 3-bed semi – and now I want another!"

Sparkling new and in an idyllic village setting, the property in County Roscommon that Annette Earley from Staffordshire recently bought is already tenanted and generating 7.5 per cent rental yield!

Annette, who lives near Stoke on Trent, first saw the three-bedroom semi-detached house in Cootehall, near Carrick-on-Shannon, while visiting relatives last August. The €69,000 price-tag was too good to miss and by January this year she had completed on the property, using a combination of loans and inheritance to purchase it.

“I did look at other property, but mine has off-road parking for two cars and a backyard, as well as two bathrooms, so it seemed better value than the others,” said Annette, whose husband was Irish.

“The agent who sold it to me arranged for tenants to go in immediately and they pay €425 a month. If I can afford to in a couple of years’ time, I’d like to buy another similar property”.

Owning a property in Ireland is not only a long-term investment for Annette, but it will give her flexibility in her retirement. “I might move to Ireland when I retire in eight years’ time, but I’ll see how things are then – I’ll have the choice,” she said.

Cootehall is a village on the banks of the River Shannon, close to County Roscommon’s border with County Leitrim. It has a small marina and pretty waterside restaurants and bars.

If you are interested in purchasing property like Annette’s, two similar properties at the same price are still available. Click here to receive more information and quote “Ireland Star Buy”. Alternatively, if you are interested in another part of Ireland, contact The Ireland Buying Guide by emailing or calling our Resource Centre on 0207 898 0549.