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Welcome to the Ireland Buying Guide, a free information and resource centre for non-resident people buying property in Ireland. If you have plans to purchase a second home or primary residence in Ireland, but are unfamiliar with the housing market or buying process there, we can assist you.

Our free articles and reports – available on our website, in downloadable formats and via emails, will help you prepare for buying an Irish home, and when you’re ready, we can put you in touch with service providers that will help you to make a complete success of your purchase. You can start your search for a home in Ireland right now, using our property seach facility. For more articles and stories, go to Living in Ireland [insert link].

Ready to be inspired by people who have recently bought property in Ireland?

We meet homeowners there who have experienced first-hand jus thow far your money goes in the Emerald Isle today.

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To catchup on news about Irish property and lifestyle, read our regular blog posts and articles.

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